Our Vision


We aspire to be a church where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is faithfully proclaimed and faithfully lived in grateful response to God's love. 

We do this by:


Living as a Church Family

We are members of the body of Christ who

  • strive to be a welcoming family of faith 
  • extending hospitality to all 
  • loving, supporting & forgiving one another as Christ does for us.


Growing as Disciples

We are followers of Jesus Christ who seek to grow in our faith by

  • worshipping together joyfully 
  • studying God's word, abiding in prayer 
  • obeying Jesus' commands.


Serving in God's Mission

We are witnesses for Jesus Christ who participate in his ministry by

  • proclaiming the good news 
  • sharing our gifts and resources 
  • reaching out to those in need with love, humility and compassion.



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